Collateral Improvement


There are unintended wonderfull consequences of work in the technosphere. The first example of Collateral Growth that comes to mind this morning is the wonderful work of musician Stephen Hilton. BOY is he caught in a vortex of awesome. Seeing is believing:



Stephen began sharing knowledge and experience of RECOVERY and boy did that blow up! DEEP COMMUNICATING with the wonderful consequence of HELPING MILLIONS OF People.  Now he brings the compassionate heart to his music in new and exciting ways.  BEAUTIFUL WAYS.


Maria Lesley Tonks: "An interesting bit to me, as editor and originator looking for the common ground, shared ground, higher ground, even sacred ground is, in A Way -Collateral damage is the result of ACTS OF FAITH.


COLLATERAL DAMAGE in the computing community refers to harmful, incidental consequences that are caused by technological systems.  LUCKILY - the opposite is ALSO A Thing.  Communication and information that heals and helps us to know better and do better.


COLLATERAL DAMAGE as a language trick makes things sound 'nicer', it is a euphemism from Vietnam war era propoganda.  Australia is well off rejecting it  #FreeAssange It is abstract, agentless, and affectless, so that EVEN IF or when, we do succeed in associating ourself with real acts of wrongteousness, it is possible to insulate from feelings of repulsion or moral outrage.  Like Eichmann 'just doin' my job.' 


Let's Get Real About Education, Innovation, Productivity, Creativity and Employment. 

SOCIAL INNOVATION DIALOGUE & Cultural Mapping - Brindle Style

With Syncronet Master Training and Cottage Industry Forums.


"That is a price I am willing to pay."  Lord Farquad referring to loss of life that is not his own (Shrek)  


     A CELEBRATION OF LIFE - Making PTSD A Thing of the Past. 


Where's 'Karen' when it is Head Office that needs an arse kickin' 


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