The Peace Room


BRINDLE STYLE Artists Network A multidimensional space for Creation and recreation. This months Community Conversation  action feature is PEACE PILGRIMS - Australia  


Truely step into your power, and help them to end war through resolving conflict,  healing the trauma and never warring again.  Out on the periphery, weathering the cyclones of life, veteran social and environmental justice campaigners   Peace Pilgrim - Margie and her late husband PLOUGHSHARE Activist  Bryan Law began sharing on Nonviolence   alternatives to militarism.  Peace by Peace is an Australian centre for faith-based activism through nonviolence at the final fringes of invasive colonialism TROPICS of CAPRICORN

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SEASON FORTEEN 2017: TRAVELLING LIGHT  Let's get REAL about education, innovation, productivity, creativity & employment. World wide global transdisciplinary fellowship of concerned citizen journalists, creative industries workers, artists and activists with a drive for systemic change.   


Premodernism and Postcolonialsim  Maiia Brindle's art is a beacon in the night sky like the Southern Cross helping those sailing on the seas of the southern hemisphere to navigate their way to a sustainable future.  Her paintings help us percieve the nature of reality or the reality of nature and the tranquility of the Buddha mind. 


"I make my promise Uncle Sam, to bind the new world's top and bottom with light. The telling of our stories will bring history to the world we build... we must fix the stories with firmness and solder the knots with purpose so that they become part of the narratives - the foundations walls and roof all peoples tell about each other." - Aotearoa author - Witi Ihimaera
THE PEACE ROOMIn 1984 by Barbara Marx Hubbard's describes a 'synergistic convergence' by 1994 we had a Critical Mass Spring Bud of an Emerging Paradigm  
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