Project & Professional Development Skills

Common Ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground, Even Sacred Ground.



In the Studio at Brindle Style Artists Network 





Monday       Organisation Clarify intention and strategy. Goal orientation.


Tuesday       Present & Communicate  Publicity. Speaking & Stagecraft.


Wednesday  Create Substance, Narrative, Standards & Professionalism


Thursday      Management,  Social Innovation, Enterprise &  Ethics


Friday            Personal Support    Mentoring, Feedback &  Evaluation. 




Learn promotional skills and build a team. 


Take the Hassle out of the Hustle - The Principles Remain the Same. Whether you volunteer for fun. Whether you have a 'real' job.  Whether you run a local or family business. Whether you work for yourself, for your community or family.  


There are many ways to develop a media strategy for your target market or audience.  



The Old fashioned PHYSICAL weis like delivering flyers to physical notice-boards and shop windows - will Still Work.  As well as the gamut optionsand social media campaigns - more   Assist with Promotions &  Marketing 


MAIIA  Create A Banner for A Community Celebration


Syncronet   Syncronet Online Masterclass     Syncronet - Cottage Industry    Individualised Mastery Learning 

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