Project & Professional Development Skills

Common Ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground, Even Sacred Ground.

"I don't care if you're black, white or brindle" - this means that we have arrived at the heart and soul of a conversation.

Brindle Style - SCHOOL OF ARTS


In the Studio at Brindle Style Artists Network 




Monday       Organisation Clarify intention and strategy. Goal orientation.


Tuesday       Present & CommunicateWebsites, Speaking. Stagecraft.


Wednesday  Create Substance, Narrative, standards & professionalism


Thursday      Management,  Social Innovation, enterprise.  Ethics


Friday            Personal Support  Mentoring. Feedback.  Evaluation. 


Learning promotional skills makes your team more effective.  More powerful. 

Whether you volunteer for fun. Whether you have a 'real' job.  Whether you run a local family business. Whether you work for yourself or for your community.  

Take the Hassle out of the Hustle.  
There are many ways to develop a media strategy for your target market or audience.  Old fashioned PHYSICAL weis like delivering flyers to physical notice-boards and shop windows.  And digital ways - building a website and a plethora of social media campaigns - more   Assist with Promotions &  Marketing 


MAIIA  Create A Banner for A Community Celebration


Syncronet   Syncronet Online Masterclass     Syncronet - Cottage Industry    Individualised Mastery Learning 

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